Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To form a joyful, open living, learning collectively that facilitates growth and takes care of childrens’ needs to their age.

Our Values

Non-violence; Equality & Respect; Democratic Participation; Integrity; Dignity / Humility; Simplicity & Creativity; Courage of Conviction

Our Mission

  • To provide an environment where street children can evolve as physically and emotionally healthy, self-dependent individuals, living a life of their choice
  • To use street and stage theatre to nurture self confidence in the children and build awareness in society on key social issues related to street children

Our Objectives

  • Provide a residential program to children who are without a safe home or family;
  • Encourage and support reconciliation with families whenever possible;
  • Connect street children and the larger population through volunteerism and theatre;
  • Build volunteer and staff capacity to understand and address issues concerning street children;
  • Create an environment where street children are respected as individuals working for their livelihood.