How You Can Help

Make Donation

Jamghat is a volunteer based NGO with inadequate regular or formal means of funding. We rely heavily on donations of finance, time and materials from generous individuals and companies. We need resources to sustain our programmes. Your donation for our programmes will enable us to continue with our services for children, from providing children’s education to healthcare, to maintaining comfortable living conditions for their holistic growth to providing them with appropriate vocational training for developing them into independent and confident adults.

Show your support and donate for Jamghat’s work!

Jamghat also requires your presence and positive energy. Come share stories with the children, nurture joy and offer positive direction through your own experiences. Making a difference requires that you are open to sharing your kindness and ready to listen to a child that needs to share his/her story. All that is needed for you to be an inspiration in a child’s life is your love and attention, to encourage smiles and joyful existence.


Jamghat is a volunteer based NGO that has no regular or formal means of funding. We rely heavily on donations of time, materials and finances from generous individuals and companies. If you feel moved to help Jamghat, please contact us. We are open to your ideas!

Here are some other ways to contribute:

  1. Creative workshops: Assist in or conduct theatre/ music/ dance/ art/ sports workshops for the children.
  2. FundraisingWe need resources to sustain our programmes for children. Organise fundraiser in your community, among your social circle and help raise funds and material we need!
  3. Counseling: We welcome volunteerism from trained counselors who wish to help a child work through his/her challenging past and current struggles.
  4. Teaching: Teachers, students, workers, home-makers or professionals! If you’ve got a kind heart and wish to support a child in learning, please volunteer! (Reading, writing, maths, Hindi, English etc.)
  5. Web designing: We are hoping to keep supporters updated via website & blog and need your expertise!
  6. Publish us: If you are a publishing house or know one, help us in creatively generating awareness. Connect with us!
  7. Administration: There is plenty to do in the office!