Current Initiatives

Aman- Home For Boys

  • A full time home for street boys that provides
  • Basic Amenities, Healthcare and Counseling
  • Education or vocational training
  • Street and stage theatre training
  • A safe place with healthy environment and community

Aman is a supportive home situated in LadoSarai which houses up to 15 boys. The boys are aged between 7- 18 years who come from a variety of social backgrounds. Basic amenities including schooling or vocational training are provided to all the residents, the idea of Aman is not just to provide materialistic comfort, but also to allow care and attention to seep into a sheltered environment by interactive sessions with volunteers, various kinds of therapies as well as by simply living together.

The children at Aman gradually learn the importance and the consequence of the choice they have made with regards to refusing drugs and alcohol, taking care of their own hygiene and learning to be become better human beings. During this process, the boys are also encouraged to reconcile with their families as and when applicable.

Counseling sessions help the children reconcile with their past. Counselors, staff, and volunteers also support the child in approaching their family. We talk to the families to confirm the real cause of conflict, and work with the families and the children to reunite them whenever possible.

Since the arts ,i.e Drama , was itself one of the founding factors of Jamghat, at Aman children are constantly exposed to their own creative side. Regular short and long term classes in music , dance and various other arts are a stable part of the children’s activity list.

Aman is the first children’s home that Jamghat established, and more than 10 children who spent some of their reformative years here are now earning their own livelihood honestly. Aman is now a fully recognized children’s shelter home by the CWC, Govt. of Delhi.

Anchal- Home For Girls

  • A full time home for street boys that provides
  • Basic Amenities, Healthcare and Counseling
  • Education and Vocational training
  • Stage and Street Theatre training
  • A safe place with healthy environment and community

Modeled on the lines of the boys home (Aman), Aanchal is a girls only home based in Saidullajab,Saket. It houses 11 girls aged between 7-16 years.

The girls in Aanchal, very much like the boys of Aman come from the lower economic strata of society albeit with different social backgrounds. In Aanchal, these girls are provided with basic amenities, healthcare and counseling. Formal or vocational education is also imparted, either through public schools or through training institutions.

Most of the girls in Aanchal attend Little Ones Public School Saidullajab, Saket, since the school is practically next door, there is normally a little bit more time for other pursuits in their daily schedule. The girls are provided with music and dance sessions, which not only help them to get social exposure but also build their confidence.

Counseling sessions have helped the girls to reconcile with their past and overcome their problems. Counselors, staffs and volunteers have immensely helped the girls overcome their fears and build their self esteem and confidence. As with Aman, the girls are encouraged to talk about their families, to understand the cause of conflict and consider reconciliation.

Aanchal is a fully recognized children’s shelter home by the CWC, Govt. of Delhi.

Aangan- Day Care Centre

A day care centre situated at Jama Masjid. It is program where 40 children gather every morning under a roof to be, very simply put, a “child”. The children here spend the night on the streets and as such Jamghat’s aim was to provide, for at least the majority of the day, an environment with basic amenities and healthcare, a place where they can feel safe while also receiving formal and non- formal education. Group activities are also conducted to foster a sense of companionship amongst their own self.

Aangan functions 6 times a week between 10 am and 6 pm. Volunteer interaction is quite high here and various workshops and sessions on a wide array of topics ranging from HIV, Sexual Abuse, Art and Theatre and Cricket and Movie Outings are organized.

Doctors from Max India Foundation come to provide professional medical assistance to the children every month. Through this centre, we are also in touch with the community and try to spread awareness through street plays, regular interactions and night walks.

Education has been a very important tool in empowering these children. Our educators provide regular non-formal education in the centre to all children. We also try to enrol regular children in public schools as well as National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

Our very own kitchen in this centre, started in 2012, with the help of our friends & supporters, has enabled us in providing three meals every day to our children attending the centre. Own kitchen has ensured healthy, tasty and hygienic food right on time and adequate in amount.

Ekjut - Handikraft Project

It is a vocational training unit which was initiated by Jamghat in 2010. It serves two purposes:

  • A full time home for street boys that provides
  • Providing vocational training to interested adolescents so that they can see it as a career option
  • Generating income to make Jamghatself-sustainable.

A paid Master Trainer gives training to children in tailoring and making Jute products, while at the same continuing to produce a wide range of products from coaster to bags, files to toiletries.

A high level of creativity and imagination are employed in carving out each and every product. Jamghat has put up Ekjut Stalls in various schools and college fairs which in turn has resulted in Ekjutcollaborating with corporate houses to timely deliver products forconferences and organized meets.