Our Creative Beginning

In 2003, Action Aid India forwarded a grant to design a play about life on the streets. Fourteen street children came together with theatre artists Amit Sinha and Lokesh Jain, and their lives were forever changed.

These 14 boys were living on the streets of Delhi. Though each had a unique story as to how they got there, the similarity between all 14 was that they were ready for a change.

Thus, when Amit Sinha approached them with a life changing offer, they accepted and have never returned to the streets since that day in 2003.

The offer was to leave the streets for some time, join together as an acting team and perform a street play on homelessness for Prince Charles and other visiting dignitaries, as per the request of the funding group Action Aid India and so the story of Jamghat begins.

The play performed for Prince Charles was such a success that Action Aid India funded this newly made group to travel across India and abroad for 3 months, spreading awareness and inspiration.

When the funding ran out and the 3 months finished, the children realized immense changes in themselves. They found confidence, capability, emotional fulfillment and, above all, they found a family. In that moment they refused to return to the streets, believing now that they could survive in a world that was more than the streets they had previously inhabited.

Despite lack of funds, Amit Sinha found a home where they all lived together for the first 4 months. They named themselves JAMGHAT, meaning "a lively gathering".

From this unplanned beginning, Jamghat has grown into a holistic organization that provides education, vocational training, counseling, health care, theatre opportunities, and emotional support to street children.