About Jamghat

Jamghat is a registered NGO that seeks to rehabilitate street children and to raise awareness within society by using the medium of street theatre as well as interactive workshops, night-walks and other social means of communication. Jamghats aims not only to provide the homeless a home, but also to equip them with the tools needed to be an able, independent and responsible member of the society they inhabit. With the aim of being more than just a charity, Jamghat hopes to instill within each one that it cares for, that to be a good human being is as important, if not more, than being a successful one. A little bit about the past…. In 2003, ActionAid India asked theatre artists AmitSinha and Lokesh Jain to design and stage a play based on life on the streets of India, especially that of the young. The play was to premier in a program meant for Prince Charles. Both Amit and Lokesh joined hands with fourteen street children, teaching them to act and express themselves through the medium of Theatre for this venture. The play was a major success and at the end of three months, those very children who had been exposed to so much that Life had to offer, decided to group together and learn those skills and values that would help them to have a more meaningful Life, they called themselves…Jamghat

Who we are

Established in 2003, Jamghat comprises of young adult professionals and volunteers with a variety of skills and experiences. We are a registered NGO that aims to help children living and working on the streets of Delhi to realize their dreams and re-join society by offering opportunities for street children and society alike to make changes in their lives.

Our Vision

To form a joyful, open, living, learning collective that facilitates growth and takes care of children’s needs according to age. Our Values  Non violence  Equality & respect  Democratic participation  Integrity  Dignity / humility  Simplicity & creativity  Courage of conviction

Our Mission

(i) To provide an environment where street children can evolve as physically and emotionally healthy, self-dependent individuals, living a life of their choice.
(ii) To use street and stage theatre to nurture self confidence in the children and build awareness in society on key social issues related to street children. Our Objectives (i) Provide a residential program to children who are without a safe home or family; (ii) Encourage and support reconciliation with families whenever possible; (iii) Connect street children and the larger population through volunteerism and theatre; (iv) Build volunteer and staff capacity to understand and address issues concerning street children; (v) Create an environment where street children are respected as individuals working for their livelihood.

Our Creative Beginning

In 2003, Action Aid India forwarded a grant to design a play about life on the streets. Fourteen street children came together with Theatre artists Amit Sinha and Lokesh Jain, and their lives were forever changed. The play was performed for Prince Charles and was such a success that it travelled India and abroad for the next 3 months The experience nurtured self confidence and a feeling of capability in the children. They realized this and refused to return to the streets. Despite lack of funds, they decided to live together and continue spreading awareness through theatre. Jamghat, a lively gathering, was born. From this unplanned beginning, Jamghat has grown into the holistic organization it is today.

Amit Sinha

Director of Jamghat

The founding member of Jamghat, Amit Sinha hails from Bihar. He moved to Delhi thirteen years ago and adopted both its city and some of its street children. During his years at the Delhi University, Amit actively trained himself in theatre. As it would turn out, theatre eventually became his source of activism and livelihood. Amit directed his first street play in 2001, as a result of which his reputation as a fine theatre artist grew by leaps and bounds. Action Aid, a noted NGO, spotted Amit's talent and urged him to direct a play on street children for Prince Charles who was visiting India back in 2003. It was after this experience that Amit decided to start Jamghat, work for the cause of street children and practice theatre for life, a decision he still considers his best.

Our Creative Beginning

Once upon a time... 14 boys were living on the streets of Delhi. Though each had a unique story as to how they got there, the similarity between all 14 was that they were ready for a change.

Thus when Amit Sinha approached them with a life changing offer, they accepted and have never returned to the streets since that day in 2003. .

The offer was to leave the streets for some time, join together as an acting team and perform a street play on homelessness for Prince Charles and other visiting dignitaries, as per the request of the funding group Action Aid India And so the story of Jamghat begins.

The play performed for Prince Charles was such a success that Action Aid India funded this newly made group to travel across India and abroad for 3 months, spreading awareness and inspiration.

When the funding ran out and the 3 months finished, the children realized immense changes in themselves. They found confidence, capability, emotional fulfillment and, above all, they found a family. In that moment they refused to return to the streets, believing now that they could survive in a world that was more than the streets they had previously inhabited.

Despite lack of funds, Amit Sinha found a home where they all lived together for the first 4 months. They named themselves JAMGHAT, meaning "a lively gathering".

From this unplanned beginning, Jamghat has grown into a holistic organization that provides education, vocational training, counseling, health care, theatre opportunities, and emotional support to street children.

Board of Member

  1. Indu Prakash Singh: President
  2. Jaya Mala Iyer: Vice-President
  3. Lokesh Jain: Vice-President
  4. Zaved N.Rehman: General Secretary
  5. Saumya Sen: Joint Secretary
  6. Ram Kishan: Treasurer
  7. Amit Kumar Sinha: Director
  8. Ajay Mahajan: Executive Member